What to do to participate in matched betting

March 21, 2021

What do you need to do to tjene penger hjemmefra? By ensuring you know how to participate in the matched betting. You need to understand exactly what is involved to be guaranteed profits.

Join a betting site which has a free bet offer

To start with, there is a need that you join a site for betting which has a bet offer for free. You should note that, the site has to be one that you don’t have an account already with.  The site might offer free bet from time to time.  After you place an initial bet, you will get an offer for a free bet. You can go to the site’s website and read instructions on the way you should join and then go ahead and claim your free bet offer.  The free offer will be claimed after you make a deposit after you have opened an account.

Place your initial bet

You will have to place your $10 bet so that you get a free bet (depending on the minimum that the site wants you to place). There might be some soccer matches which might serve the purpose just well. That is the way the betting markets look at the matched betting.

Lay the same bet

This is a step which makes things to be a bit more complicated. What you have to know is that, you have to lay the bet which you have made. To lay is all about acting as if you are the bookmaker, taking a bet at an odd which is agreed and being liable for the potential winnings in case the bet is able to win, but having to winning the first stake if the bet should lose. By letting the other team to win, you are likely to lose money if they end up winning. You are betting effectively against them having to win.

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